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Regarding 2 blade props, I recently was given a used 182 for my son to try out. Naturally dad has to have the first few flights
Landings have been an issue and I've repaired the front strut numerous times and subsequently had to replace the prop the other day.

With a few 3 blade props ordered I couldn't wait till next week for them to arrive and had to try out something else. So I bought a few APC props and settled on an 11x6 sport prop. Not going off water yet but there was a marked improvement in performance over the stock EDO 10x7 3 blade. Also this was using a hobbyzone 3s 1300mAh batt from a supercub. Short flying time but I thought performance was ok on the 3 blade though I tended to go over 75% throttle a lot and the batteries got hot. But with the 11x6 I'm always 50-75% throttle and when testing before flying we ran down a similar PZ battery at 75% throttle without heating up the batt, ESC or BEC. Well actually, battery was warm but not hot. Other parts were cool.

After reading a few people having issues with 4S packs and the stock 50A ESC I figured if a little HZ 3S lipo can make this thing perform I'd stick with better rated 3S batts. So I had two 2200 3s 20C zippy batteries from HK arrive today and got close to 10mins out of them and landed before there was any hint of power drop rather than waiting for the BEC to kick in. I had doubts over this heavy sport prop but components were cool, no sign of bits being overworked.

No idea about programming the ESC. The previous owner was using 4S batts but I've just plugged everything in and off it went and I'm that impressed with these bigger 3S batts and the 11x6 prop combo that I don't think I'll bother with the 3 bladers when they arrive.

Wish I could relate a water take off story with this combo but the front mount's stuffed after trying a tail dragger conversion
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