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Originally Posted by kgfly View Post
The point is that from the consumer's perspective it generates great confusion, places barriers to migration between Tx and adds cost for no benefit. The whole marketing strategy flies in the face of what users want and hands a significant advantage to those other brands that offer universal compatibility across Tx and Rx. Sure, some offer special features in some combinations, but generally all Tx work with all Rx for basic operation.

Who is even clear on the differences between FHSS and S-FHSS or FASST 7ch, FASST muilti-I and FASST multi-II ? I bet only a few Futaba representatives and the most ardent fans. Certainly the LHS and bulk of consumers are unlikely to know or keep it straight.

IMO Futaba are betting on brand loyalty, quality reputation and a baffle-em-with-bulls*** approach that is unlikley to serve them well.
really? BAsed on what?

The FHSS and S-FHSS systems are focussed at an entry level market where the trend is toward Rx-R and RTF planes. Thats a market that is very dependant on what their hobby shop owner tells. them/
they nuy a plane, fly it and then grow itred of it or crash oit and want another. they head down to the LHS and buy and airframe and compatible Rx.
No confusion there.

The more established RC hobbyist is where FASST has more established and bigger following. People are more willing to pay the premium over a FHSS Rx to fit into their large Scale or scratch built Warbird.

Yes there is confusion on forums right now because people pick up snippets and draw conclusions and then tell everyone the sky is falling.

FHSS and derivatives and FASST and derivatives are focussed at different markets.
The radios will differ drastically in capability, features, programmability and Rx sensitivity.
Will you need S-bus for a foamie....?
Will you want S-bus for a foamie....? Perhaps but can;t see that catching on if the servo's are more expensive than an entire foamie airframe.

Totally different markets
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