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Originally Posted by roypwee View Post
Anyone has had issued with their Futaba 10CAP with the DL? Like interference etc?

Coz I am having very odd beeping from my 10CAP and servos are jittery with the TSLRS. which is hooked up behind my 10CAP.

Planning to get a brand new shiny DL, as long as it does not give me such issues and most importantly reduced failsafe.


We have lots of very happy futaba users with no problems. RF can be an artform still, every installation can be different. The problems you are talking about is RF getting into your transmitter, and can be affected by the power level, filtering, and even the way you have the wires running. Changing anything could cause, or even solve this problem.

While I would not expect this problem, the only way you would know for sure is to hook it up and try it.

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