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Good setup for a first time 3D'er

Well the rc plane bug has bitten me again I started flying about 3-4 years ago in 6th grade because one of our neighbors (who Im visiting at the moment in Virginia) took me out to watch him fly and then taught me to fly his zagi. So that year I got a Zagi 400 with a hitec radio and then eventually I got a Wedgie (super fun to fly) and a Graupner Terry. If you havent noticed all 3 of them are foam planes lol, a lot cheaper to fix when you stuff them into the ground. I flew for another year and a half or so and then the neighbor that got me into flying moved away so my dad and I basically stopped going out to fly. This past august I got into r/c cars and bought a team associated rc10gt (then of course my dad bought a factory team gt, he just HAD to have a faster truck lol) and this christmas I got a rtr ntc3.

Well as I said I am visiting him right now and he took my dad and I out to watch him fly 2 of his planes and once again I am hooked on planes. Hopefully I can go out flying sometime soon, but its supposed to be 99 freakin degrees in AZ tomorrow..Guess I will have to do my flying early in the morning. 3D flying (which I just discovered on this forum today) looks really fun and I am hoping to get into it once I get my flying skills back up to par.

So I have some questions..

1. What would be a good 3D plane for a beginner at 3D'ing lol?
2. What motor, esc, batteries, servos, etc would be needed? I am assuming a BL setup, hopefully I dont HAVE to run lipoly batteries since I have a really nice nimh/nicd charger.
3. Is there any other advice you can give me on 3D flying in general?

I was thinking about getting a balsa framed plane (i dont know the "proper" name), like a park flyer but I would rather have to glue foam back together rather then balsa when I crash..

Thanks for the help,
Mr Associated (aka nitroboy24 on the rczone forums)
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