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Flying Issues

Originally Posted by badharley99 View Post
Hi, I have a fun bat that I just built. Had problem with plane porposing. flew just ok at half throtle when I would go full throtle the plane would want to really climb bad. ... didnt a lot of power and you could hear vibration at full throtle, prop is not knicked ... nor is motor shaft bent. Thanks Nick
Porposing is a tendency for the plane to climb, loose power, stall, dive a little to gain airspeed, and enter into a climb to repeat the cycle at a specific throttle setting. If that is what was going on at half throttle or a lower setting you need nose weight, but ... you also said the model would climb bad at WOT, so ... you also need some down thrust angle on the motor. If the motor isn't producing full thrust at WOT and instead tends to wobble, or vibrate with a good propeller, your propeller is not balanced properly. It also means the motor shaft is thin, so it will be very sensitive to a propeller that hasn't been balanced. All motors are sensitive to an unbalanced propeller, but the thinner shafts show it more and quicker as WOT is applied. An electric motor properly mounted with a balanced propeller isn't easy to hear in flight and until that is the case, there is a bit more work to do.
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