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Sopwith Camel E-SPAD Build Thread


I've finally begun to build a 3mm coro Sopwith Camel. Firstly i'll post some pics of the plane i'm copying. It was designed by a mate (Bernard Gonsalves) a fellow hang glider pilot who will be refered to as Speedy from now on . I think you'll agree it's a awesome little design. I will post the plans a litttle later in the build. Just for a little history, speedy's Camel is the third of his designs. He first built a Fokker Tri all in red coreflute, it looked very cool, he then built a neiport then the Camel. The build process evolved to the point where the Camel was the perfect compromise between weight and strength. These little babies are incredibly strong, so mock up dogfights will be no problem, most big impacts can be fixed at the field or backyard with a bottle of zap. All of Speedys WW1 aircraft have been powered by a GWS geared 400 running on 7cell 600mh Nicd, maybe the triplane was direct drive. Performance with this setup is ample. Materials used are 3mm coreflute/correx/whatever the hell they call it in your world, Zap or equivalent ca, Zap Blaster/accelerator and lite ply. Another product used is slightly expanded plastic, it's used by sign writers and comes in a range of thicknesses, i'll try and find the trade name for this product, it is very lite and very strong, it's used to form the bulkheads, ribs and other bits and pieces. Speedy has used piano wire for the under carriage. Speedys camel is only rudder elevator, hence the not so scale dihedral in both wings.

My design........

I am going to fit my Camel with a Typhoon Micro 6 brushless outrunner , here's the rcgroups thread on this motor ---->
I'm also gonna use a 2s2p 1200 Etec Lipo to power it. i'm also gonna fit ailerons and use carbon fibre for the undercarriage, wheels, wing spars/strurs and engine mount. I am doing this to mainly save some weight and also 'cause it will look cool. Well here's the first photo... enjoy :O)
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