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Originally Posted by shkimran View Post

i m planning to buy this and the motor i m interested in is NTM Prop Drive Series 35-36A 1800Kv / 875w

will it work with the glider and is there any restriction on using high powered motor with stock propellor

i m new to this so looking for some expert advice
I'm certainly not an expert but I've got the smaller 35-30 1100kv 88g NTM motor in my Phoenix, and it works very well. It is comparable in weight with the popular 2836-1000 upgrade, but arguably higher quality.

I'd advise you against the even bigger NTM 35-36A 1800kv that you linked to. While it would "work" given the right ESC and battery positioning (to achieve CoG with that heavy 120g motor up at the front), you'd be talking about ~800W or so and current draws of over 70A at full throttle.

It would fry the stock ESC quite easily, and the speed would quite possibly snap the wings during tighter turns. If you stuck to very low throttle settings then you might get away with it, but then what's the point? Why not use a lighter motor and enjoy better gliding capabilities?

One advantage that I think all these NTM motors (except for the small 28mm jobbie) have over the stock Phoenix motor and the 2836-1000 is their greater diameter. That helps the body of the motor to effectively reinforce the firewall and dampen vibrations.

The 2836-1000 has 19x16mm mounting centres. The NTM motors we're discussing are 25x19mm. That also means you'd need to do a bit of redrilling at the front, but it's not a big deal if you enjoy power tool usage
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