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There was a crease in the plan
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Originally Posted by Ron101 View Post
I have a garage full of planes and fly at three clubs
I have a pretty good idea on what works and doesn't

I'm not proud to say that on my cheaper planes I have ordered motors, lipos and ESC from hobby king... results have been mixed. Some of it's ok.

My point is if your buying a plane that can take a 120 mm it's not cheap, don't buy cheap servos, cheap ESC, cheap motors and fans and expect to fly it weekend after weekend at over 100 amps... maybe some get lucky, but some have tons of problems, I've seen them.

EDF is one of the harshes environments the our equipment can see.... when they get large I don't skimp out. I can understand wanting a cheaper good sounding fan for a cheap 90mm plane like a hobby lobby eurofighter.....but they should come up with the own design, this thing is a total rip off

and with 120 mm pushing over 4000, 5000, 6000 watts forget it
They are just meeting the demand and aspirations of a market sector the higher quality higher cost fans don't address.

Ron, what was your first EDF?

Were would the wonderful world of EDF be if everybody had to wait 2 months+ for a quality fan to arrive. Who would invest in tooling up for kits, where would the market be for accessories?

You either sell cheap and sell volume or sell expensive and sell quality with a badge. Don't get bent out of shape its the way of the world.
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