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Originally Posted by Shaper Dave View Post
Looks like I lost you guys using the end grain balsa. What this allows is a relatively light mold. There are a few reasons to go this way. If your 100 lb. sand backed mold takes a twist your screwed. The flexible mold can be set true by just tacking the corner down. Also removing parts is a dream because you can twist the entire mold enough to get parts out. They just pop out!
It is more work than just poring sand and resin on the back but it really pays off in ease of moving and storing.
I have fuse molds done this way that are 15 years old and the seams are still tight and and aligned. Only my molds that do not have the end grain on the flange have wandered, such as my DLG Pod molds and a couple of early TD

Yes Dave, you had lost me for a while there. However, the above description is very persuasive! I really like the "twist the entire mould" and "they just pop out" part!
Got me thinking and re-thinking!

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