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I have fished up the first side of the wing mold. The actual layup ended up being a little different from what I stated at the beginning. I had a bunch of 6 oz. in stock so used that for the bulk of the layup.

2 - .75
2 - 1.4
2 - 4.0
6 - 6.0
4 - 8.0 ( actual weight is 7.5 but we call it 8 oz)

This gives me just under 3/16" thick mold which is perfect.

The flange is reinforced with 1/2" end grain balsa core material. This is a boat builders core material. It was cheap a long time ago when bought a ton of it and have been using it for the last 15 years.
This makes a really stable flange with good clamping pressure. Im sure you could use metal like aluminum square tubing which would work good as well and be faster. But as I said, I have a lot of it.
The core material needs to be capped with glass to create a spar of sorts. It does not need to be as thick of a layup as the mold but reasonably close.

Before pulling the mold off the parting table I sanded the tips level and added a block on each end of some scrap Corian. Then made a center stand out of MDF left over from the parting trays.

The layup came off the table with out much effort and looked very nice. Just some minor cleanup and cut off the excess glass on the flange.
Now its time to repeat the process again.

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