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TOPGUN mirage 2000 transplant

2DogsDave has decided to get a transplant into his Mirage so I have been performing open heart surgery on it

Opened up the rear of the fuse enough to access the entire power system, removed the fan and esc leaving string in its place so I have some hope of getting the wires back through!

The new heart is a Stumax SM89, running an HET 700-68 motor on 6 cells. 1950 watts installed and should be just over 3kg thrust.

As the fan is so long it sticks out into the void of the inlet, not much scope for a smooth transition to the foam. An HET inlet ring has taken care of the gap, almost the perfect fit, only a little foam scalloping was needed to make it settle into place.

Fan is taped up on the inlet edge until the ring is a snug fit, then ring is CA'd on.

Wood mounts added to fan first, then dropped into the fuse and marked out for foam extraction. Dremel rips out most of the foam, and once fan is sitting neatly the fuse bottom is dropped over and the same dremelling is done until it drops over the fan.

Intake lip had to be cut on the bottom edge so it fits into the flat bottom fuse better, wiring is routed through the carbon tailcone and down a trench under the fan.

ESC sits in front of the fan, Platinum PRO 100A 6s buried into the foam with the heatsink exposed. This is then taped over with wide masking tape and epoxy rubbed into the tape edges to help avoid it peeling up over time.

Fan is tested then fuse closed up. Sounds great inside and sucks like a hoover on steriods!

Hopefully we can assemble it this weekend and get it in the air for a maiden.
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