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Oooooh Noooo!

Scott, will you guys stop this! You don't seem to realise I'm running out of space for all these models, and I've just pressed the button on one of your GeeBee's this morning.

It would be churlish to wish that you'd gone for another WWI bipe in the light of PZ just having produced a very good SE5a themselves - I'm guessing of a similar size if yours in the 1100mm series. And I'm pleased to see you've done a better job of wing roundel positioning and the magazine on the lewis gun.

However, unless the colour has been distorted in the video reproduction both the base colour and the roundels are too light. Check out the video I just posted in the PZ SE5a thread to see that the colour should be brownish although some may have a greenish tint. I did a bit of googling and came up with "The dope used for aircraft upper-surfaces on the Western Front was PC 10 (Protective Colouring No 10) and the pigments were natural oxide of iron (yellow ochre) and lamp black/carbon black, in the ratio of 250 to 1 (ochre is comparatively heavy and lamp black is very light); this prouced a dark brown mixture. To spread it on to aeroplane fabric, the mixture was added to cellulose or oil varnish, something that caused an optical effect known as 'green shift', which caused the doped area to look greenish under some light conditions. The degree of green shift varied depending on the type of varnish used. However, as the aeroplane was exposed to the elements, the green shift was reduced and it took on a definite dark brown appearance.

To add to the confusion, the colouring could vary between manufacturers, and even from batch to batch on aircraft made by the same manufacturer.

Aeroplanes destined for service in hotter climes were doped with PC12, which had a distinctive reddish-brown colour

But 10/10 for resisting doing one of the fancy colour schemes.
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