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Minsoo Navi Board

Originally Posted by bigbro3760 View Post
done set up with my navi board.

stick centering - done
calibration of gps & compass - done
arming - done
calibration of gyro & acceleromater - done

tower, ubec, jumper, sponge on barometer - done

black board blue led & navi board red light on

gps blue led on

upon hover it stays for a while but after a few seconds it drifts to the left & i can't control the drift so no choice but to cut the throttle.

but with navi board off, it flies well. doing figure eight
Hi All
Just completed assembling and test flying my quad from Minsoo this week-end.
I've done all of the above and the LED status is the same as above.
Much the same problem everyone is encountering.
1. Altitude hold not to great. At times it just shoots straight up like a home sick angel. I have to land, turn system off and on and try again. When it does hold it drifts up and down about 3 to 4 meters and then just gets progressively worse.
2. Position Hold - heads for Korea like it's stolen. Here I tried the calibration of the Gyro and GPS different ways. Sometimes it heads north other times it heads south. I have not tried the beta 1.2. Will this weekend.
3. Sensitivity between Navi on and off differs so much that I have to redo the Roll / Pitch for each selection. When flying with Navi off there is a slight oscillation ( I’ve set it as low as possible here ) Switching then to Navi on the oscillation are so bad it nearly gets out of control.
4. With Navi on - quad will start drifting one way. I then trim her out so she is nice and steady - do a circuit - hover and the trims are out again. Have to re-trim constantly. It flies nothing like Minsoo's video on his website.
I also fly a home build tri-copter (FPV-
Tricopter 2 (3 min 29 sec)
) with a homemade controller ( 3 x HK401 stripped gyros and a ATMega168 micro processor ), programmed with Minsoo’s 2.2 code and it is rock solid.
For the amount of money I spent on Minsoo’s kit I was expecting much much more. I acknowledge the fact that he has confirmed the problem and is working on a solution. I have faith that he’ll sort it.
Is there anyone within the forum that can translate the Navi board manual into more accurate English. I.e. with the GPS/Gyro calibration it says – rotate 360 in roll ( forward and backwards ) Is this not left and right ?
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