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Originally Posted by FpvKiwi View Post
To balance my critique I should say that the support is good much of the time and the replacement policy is excellent. And DragonLink does give you long range, no question about it. But I do stand by every point of my critique, which I backed up by facts.

I don't agree that selling new modules is more important than fixing the documentation.

I do use DragonLink since one year as suggested by my post above:
Hi Kiwi,

If you have the new filtered TX module, then it puts out ZERO harmonics. Some of the cheap Chinese Video receivers do not have proper filtering themselves and will pick up wanted transmittsions. Yes, it is possible to be so cheap, and build a video receiver with horrible design and no tolerance to being near ANY transmitter, even a perfectly designed transmitter. If this is the probelm you are having, I would suggest you try a better quality video receiver.

You did mention IBCrazy test of video interference, this was with one of the old NON FILTERED systems. He now has a new system with a filter. The new Dragon Link has the cleanest output of any system.

And remember, there are a bunch of guys here willing to help and make you successful in FPV, if you have a specific problem, just ask !

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