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Originally Posted by Welho View Post
Hi, thanks for your reply after all this mess. To be fair, I am going to remove my rants and negative feedback despite of the delay when all the issues with my motors are resolved so that I have defective-free, reliable motors in my quadcopter that will not cause eventually the destruction of my very expensive and unique model due to defective bearings or something other unfortunate.

As the bearings are glued or tight-fitted by some other means (pressed, heat-fitted), I can not change them myself. I have no access to tools to push the tight-fitted bearings out of the motors without damaging the motors itself. And if the bearings are glued or pressed with a tight fit (they seem to be), I will not even try as it will most likely lead to a motor with even more damage.

To keep in mind, I did not order a construction kit of a motor, but working, defective-free ones.

What about the axles and outrunners and the spinner..?

What would be a perfect solution: send me four defective-free, reliable motors with all the issues mentioned resolved: no defective bearings, no slipping propeller axles which need to be glued, no loose parts and so on, motors that I can trust, preferably some other model which has no known problems, with as much or more power and the specifications (KV) like with the ones I ordered.
Dear Sir,

Sorry for any inconvenience bring to you, all of the items have been tested before shipped to the customers, they are broken on the shipping. You can try to open the motor yourself, the bearings can't be glued, you can just press it, if the motors are broken in the process of repairing, we will resend new ones to you for free, is it ok? thanks for your time, awaiting for your information. Nina
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