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Originally Posted by FpvKiwi View Post
DragonLink is good, yes... but I'm not as impressed as the marketing material in post #1 wants you to believe.

I don't demand perfection from a niche product created by enthusiasts but there's no need to pretend there are no problems either.
(If proven wrong on some point, I'll update this post.)

Do you own a Dragon Link, I am sure if you ever flew with one, you would be amazed. We have hundreds of people using the system and flying FPV at distances and in ways that were previously not possible.

As far as service, I guarantee every Dragon Link ever sold. I have even replaced for free beta systems that were 2 years old, at great expense to myself. Every peice of Dragon Link gear, no matter how old works, or I fix it. Every last person that reports a problem with ther Dragon Link equipment gets it fixed, no charge, no hassles, I just make it right. I run this company exactly the way I would want to be treated when I am a customer.

No one is perfect, some issues have slipped though the cracks, but I am very honest and make any issue right as soon as it comes to my attention. We were the first to implement transmitter filtering to eliminate interference to video systems, and currently have a signal that is so clean the unwanted harmonics are so low that they are not even measureable. Every problem we run into is fixed, thats just the way we do things ! Sorry you do not like the website, but quality Dragon LInk production and improvements have been the priority

You seem to be interested in this system, I would suggest you fly a Dragon Link, I think you would be amazed and happy at the new world of FPV this system would open up for you.

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