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Originally Posted by UFO Doctor View Post
Dear Miru Mod Friends
UFO Doctor

The central cross can break at hard landings. The old UFO Doctor and his 8 year old granddaughter smashed 3 Parrot Central Crosses!

A very efficient and simple shock protection has been presented by Candu1.

In short, with standard 4.5x1.34x200 mm cable ties you can prevent damages at hard landings by a factor of 2!

Please have a look at the following report:

Kind regards
UFO Doctor
Thandks UFO Doctor for an excellent detailed documentation of a "scientific" test using available test equipment on the cable tie landing gear! Just an update on actual usage:

I tried a "high altitude" normal landing from about 30 feet this morning, just to see how the ardrone would react. It dropped rapidly until it gets to within a couple of feet from the ground and it slowed its descend to a "perfect" landing on all fours. However, the left front cable tie landing gear snapped in two. The landing was a litter harder than normal but not really that bad so the cable tie could have failed from material fatigue, since it flexes on every landing.

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