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Originally Posted by StevenatorLTFO View Post
How hard is it to swap the stab mount around?
Not too hard. You need a small drift pin, I used a 1" piece of 1/32" music wire. Make a couple as you may bend the first until you get the angles and hammer force just right. Place the stab rocker platform on a piece of hardwood so the pin is just over the edge. Use the drift to tap the pins from the inside enough that it disengages the movable part of the platform. Once both pins are disengaged reverse the platform then with the platform supported again, reset the pins. A dab of black, rubberized CA on each end of each pin to secure them and you are done.

One other thing to be aware of is that the stab pushrod will now need to be a bit shorter (~1/4"). If you don't have enough adjustment left on a threaded end you may need to cut off the fixed clevis and reset it closer in.

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