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Originally Posted by xviper View Post
1. Not sure how much runway this thing needs. However, having read information here and there and watching videos, this jet should lift off in very short order if you pour on the coals from the get go. I think where people may be having difficulties in getting it off the ground is that they did not disable the elevator thrust vectoring on take off. If the nozzles are rotating with the elevators, the thrust may actually be pushing the plane into the ground, thus requiring much more speed before lift off.
I would think the opposite - TV would supplement the force exerted by the elevators to rotate the plane during takeoff.

I think something to try is to apply slight up elevator while the plane accelerates, let the wings start to generate lift, and allow it to get off the ground on its own, just like the real jet - then you can jerk the stick back for a steeper climb. That would certainly avoid any tail-scraping, too.
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