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Originally Posted by capt soap View Post
Well I finally found a f-18, and joined the HL f-18 club.
wow inpressive jet..I havent read all 800+ threads here, so I have some question.
1. how much runway is needed to get airbourne? 150 ft? 200 ?
2. does it have 1 /1 thrust/weight ratio?
3.didnt see spare part's list like on the f-35 freewing.
4.the foam is Very soft, did yal harden yours with polycrilic?? fast is it? 60-80 mph ?
Thanks Lee
1. Not sure how much runway this thing needs. However, having read information here and there and watching videos, this jet should lift off in very short order if you pour on the coals from the get go. I think where people may be having difficulties in getting it off the ground is that they did not disable the elevator thrust vectoring on take off. If the nozzles are rotating with the elevators, the thrust may actually be pushing the plane into the ground, thus requiring much more speed before lift off.
2. Also from bits and pieces of information I've read and from some rough calculations, it would be close to 1:1.
4. I haven't done anything to mine and don't plan on it.
5. If it can achieve 1:1 thrust/weight, it should be able to get up around 100 mph.

I've just finished mine, but still waiting from my batteries from HK. Winter is closing in, so probably no maiden till spring. I didn't buy the HL jet. Instead, I got the one from Australia in the RAAF colors. Shipping from HL to Canada is insane. HL uses UPS or USPS. UPS is not Canadian friendly ($209.00 shipping) on cross border shopping and USPS ($232.00) charges triple over-sized rates on this.
I got mine shipped to my door from OZ and still saved a bundle of money. This likely won't apply to delivery from HL to within the CONUS. Same plane but IMO, the color scheme is much more inspiring.
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