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Another all 9MM 40" Extra!

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Been busy as ever at work, so it took a bit longer to get my new foamy fuse togeter and transfer my wing to it. Except for positioning the battery for balance it's ready to go. Definately a stronger and more rigid model!

As I live in Gig Harbor, WA. I gotta get some 3D lessons from some of you local guys, So far, I am only flying easy patterns and getting used to a plank after playing with Heli's for a bit (and I am not all great with that either)!

Funny, When I was last into planks back in the 1980's and early 90's we used to thumb our noses at any "ARF" airplane and Foam was for the kiddies! Man! how things have changed. Here I am with 2 foam planks that both fly legions better than any of the built up kits I made in the past! Not to mention the technology upgrades, cheap internet models and components. Great time to be in RC!
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