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Thanks Meat. Really appreciate that link for Rattlesnake! I guess I will have to some more research on the hull lines between the two.
And Yes, I also seem to find the scale would be more 1/20th than 1/24 putting RS on the SC&H brig. I will be moving away from scale modeling a bit, but I think I will end up with a final work that I will love.

The quarterdeck and forcastle will also help with the workings of firing cannons too so that's a nice little bonus. I have a special effects friend that's rattling his brain to devise a multi-firing system plan. Dan's system is definately the foundation and if my friend draws a blank, I plan to follow Dan's cannon system, but the idea of firing more than once, and possibly randomizing the order, is something I can't pass up looking into. It's also somthing I can work on while the wife... errr. Congressional committee is in a financial deadlock.

If Philip is still keeping an eye on these forums, do you see any problems with putting a 3 mast rig on the SC&H Brig?
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