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Now you've got me excited! I was looking for an inspiration Brig to model. I found the 1811 refit of USS Enterprise (Yes, I'm a Trekkie too) in 2 mast form to be the winner there... Now with your suggestion of the Rattlesnake, I am definately sold on the Brig. Now just need to sell the wife on the purchase...
My skills are fair - years of doing sets and lighting in theatre and model planes. What I need to improve upon is some attention to detail (most of my stuff has had to be functional and look good from 20 feet out) and patience. Both things that I am looking forward to with this build. I want (need) something to go home to and enjoy peacefully researching and working on over the course of months. Reading your story of building out Syren, sailing her and then refitting over the winter months seems to be exactly what I am looking for... I came to dread the Scale warbirds for as much as I love them - putting $3,000+ into the air knowing it have a 50/50 chance of coming home as sawdust made it tough at times. That's a fear much lessened by sailing.

I'm definately in; now just a matter of researching both ships to make a choice on who to model. Tha challenge of ship rig seems exciting!
Thanks Dan!
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