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OK, back to it. As I said before this is not a how to do it thread but some shots of important stuff along the way.
There is no difference in making a wing mold or a fuse mold. This is just the way I make my molds. After a couple of decades doing this you get a feel of what works for you.

I do not use Tooling Resin or Gel Coat anymore for the mold face. There was always the problem of chipping on the flange edge. I always use a razor blade to cut the seams and its easy to scratch the wax off losing the release. I now use straight epoxy (ProSet right now) with Milled Fibers mixed in to increase the strength around the edges where cutting will be done.

On the mold face itself I use resin with just a small amount of Milled Fibers in it to help it flow over the tool face. Generally I do two layers to have complete coverage.
The glass can be applied over the second coat when it has tacked up. I usually wait until the next day. It takes so long for it to go off I would rather do it late in the day and then leave it alone.
Normally I use 30 min hardener for these coats, but because its a one piece wing with dihedral I used the 15 min. so it wouldn't end up as a big pool at the center.
Shaper Dave is online now Find More Posts by Shaper Dave
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