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Originally Posted by simonk View Post
I'm not quite sure what you mean here. We can certainly make a stick programming interface that makes it store stuff to the EEPROM, but so far I've just been keeping it simple since I haven't run in to any cases for things that can't just be made common or set at build time.

Also, I don't yet have any I2C master stuff to test with, nor have I seen castle creation's stuff. I was thinking of making a KK code auto-builder web page, and I could do something similar with this, I guess, if it really turns out that people need that many variants and don't want to tweak the settings and assemble their own to get it.
Everyone I know detest stick programming, so do I.
An interface is also more fool proof, I have messed up my settings with stick prog. more often than I care to count.
With stick prog. there's also the possibility to f**k up the settings of all four or more ESC's at once when you tweak your controller, I've done this too many times with the Mystery blue series and they take FOREVER to prog. w. stick.

If you're planning to to port to Silab that's yet another reason to consider a PC interface - Optional Silab or Atmega based ESC FW.

I hope that I don't sound too much like, I want this and I want that! I'm only tossing ideas here, seriously, your and Bernhards work so far has already revolutionized the multirotor hobby, people just haven't discovered it yet.

If you need any hardware to test or burn, PM me, I have loads of ESC's and other stuff and I'm ready to donate.

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