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The wheels touch down FIRST??
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Originally Posted by batballs View Post
Slap it on the edge of the work bench as is, hinges down, and cover the wing trailing edge with some masking tape to protect it. Then hit the ailerons (through the covering) with a sanding block until they follow the contour of the wing. Cover the bare wood with tape or some fresh film. No more drag and hopefully it'll take longer to bust'em.

BTW. I'm too jealous to comment about the cnc mill.
Yanno...I was thinking along the same lines...

Clamp some 1 1/2" steel strapping on either side of an aileron, and squeeze/crush the bugger into submission until it's the same profile as the TE of the wing.

Not sure how much the balsa will distort doing it this way, but it's only about 10 bucks worth of wood - which will probably be knackered when I try to pull the heat-film off anyways...

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