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i have had 2 problems so far, the front retract was intermittent and so was replaced, and i later discovered a loose wire to be the culprit, so the retract itself was probably fine. the new one i was sent though did have a different design, much beefier and with metal clips holding the nose wheels on instead of the nylon caps of the previous design. great i thought!..more durable....after a couple of normal flights, i was in the process of lifting off when one of these metal clips has popped off along with one of the nose wheels and promptly made its way through the intake and wiped out every blade on my fan! i am lucky the jet rotates/lifts off at such a high speed, as i had just enough energy to get the nose down and then flare... no damage!
so while waiting for my new fan i decided to replace the front wheels with some a little bigger and put metal wheel collars back on...when i went to test my work the front retract worked fine but now one of the rear ones won't retract. as you can appreciate, at this point i'm kinda p@ssed off. so i have pulled the retract out, dissassembled and put back together half a dozen times trying different things, and it will extend but not retract. i'm thinking i'll get the fan reinstalled when it gets here and check the motor is still ok after its ordeal, and if so then order another retract if i can't get this one to work(and its looking that way). i love this jet, but my $100 t45 from hobbyking is far more reliable and easier to live with, and almost as fast now i've converted it to 4s
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