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Installation 1
Well the 3GYS is installed. Once I figured out where to connect the servos and what reversing to use, setup was a breeze. The programmer is very easy to use and I like the way you set up this 3-axis gyro.

The first thing I noticed was the sub-trims are much closer to 0 than the Ebar. I think the crystal frequency in the 3GYS is far more accurate. The 3GYS can also be calibrated by toggling the gain switch between HH and rate mode several times, something else the Ebar lacks.

The only thing I can't find is a cyclic range/rate setting. Collective range is set to 12 degrees and cyclic seems to be calculated from this. A test with the pitch gauge shows up to 12 degress of cyclic can also be used by the gyro. This doesn't mean full stick will use 12 degrees, as like the tail the stick input is a rate of change. You can however set a limit on the cyclic to avoid binding, but I wouldn't recommend using this to limit the cyclic to 7 degrees. Dual rates and expo is the correct way to limit cyclic control. I've dialed in 80% DR and 40% expo for the first flight. Whether I need the DR will be decided after the first flight.

I've removed the 3GX from the ALZRC 450 pro to fit the 3GYS, so I know how well the heli flies with an FBL system and the tail was solid with the DS520, so this is a good test. I'm really excited about testing the 3GYS, but unfortunately we have some really bad weather at the moment and no sign of it easing soon.

Here are some pictures of the install. I fitted the 3GYS on an Align 450 Pro V2 AR/Gryo bracket, which extends further back and has more area for the gyro foam to contact.
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