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Firstly the split fuselage. If it was good enough for the best aircraft designed during WWII, surely it is good enough for Nine Eagles to use the same technique. As a kid I had the good fortune a number of times to sit in the cockpit of a Mosquito and "fly" it on raids over Germany.

That Nine Eagles quality control isn't the best is true by some of the complains voiced. My own experience, an Xtra 300 where the controller sticks were left/right for elevators, up/down for rudder and the ailerons on the same stick as the throttle all in mode 2. Mode 1 was equally wrong too. The only solution I could find was to cut the Tx printed circuit tracks in 3 places and fit 3 wire loops. Fortunate that electronics was my game.

I use a Nine Eagles Sky Eagle (like a Cessna) as a trainer. Yes, propellers will knock off. However it does not always save the motor shaft from getting bent. They can be straightened. The Xtra 300 has had both wings broken off. Instant glue works wonders. An aileron hinge failed. I used Mylar (overhead transparency material) to make new hinges. If you have some you think is too thin, it isn't. Cut a slit in the trailing edge of the wing and leading edge of the aileron. Fit and glue 3 pieces into the wing. Fit the aileron on to the Mylar sticking out of the wing and glue as the last push-on is made. Similar methods can be used to fix any of the other hinges. Just don't make the pieces too long (along the hinge line). Little 3-4 mm wide pieces should be quite enough otherwise they will be too stiff.

Spares (batteries, receivers, wings, etc.) all available from suppliers in China at fairly reasonable prices.

Are they toys? Of course they are, same as a Ferrari is too. Are they a cheap way of getting some flying skills? Yes. Break them, fix them.
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