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Well Kids <in the words of waldo> I am going to break the all the rules this round.

As the Primo Knock Off gets closer to being completed, I have spent some time doing everything that ever been argued on a forum...

HS 81 for throttle.... It will get replaced
2S2200 Lipo RX Pack from Flightmax
Turnigy 3 amp <max 5amp on front, 6 amp on back> switching UBEC.
Spread Ructrum AR7000 with Sat
Futaba S3050 Digital Metal Gears for tail Feathers
JR DS 811 Digital for the Ailerons
MPI Switch
Thunder Tigre 36

Using the RX Lipo I am seeing 5.95 Volts at the RX with the Fluke
While waiting for the Lipo to chage to a full 8.4 volts I was doing set up with a Tenergy NMH 6 volt 2000 packs that had 6.37 volts. It would only give me 5.5 volts at the RX. Since it was not reaching the required voltage, it was being tight about what it could give. You have got to run either a Lipo or Life with a regulator or it aint happy.

I have some of those Volt Watch type things from HK. They dont care for regulators either, simply since they are geared at "full charge" volts and not conditioned and managed volts. Since a 6 volt NMH pack full charged is well over 6 volts, if it drops below 6 volts the volt watch goes from "perfect" to Good"

Since a "regulated" power supply gives 5.95 volts no matter how charged full the lipo is, it only sees the voltage as "good".

Anyway... That is enough of that for the night.

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