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DOG, Waldo, you guys really are under the weather. I just heard on the news and you've confirmed it. Snow in PA. This is really scaring me guy's. It's only a question of time, before ole man winter is at my door.
I got more done on the twist but I'm not going to push it, K49 is out of town this weekend. And my twist can get a little grumpy if she doesn't have alittle Tango for lunch.
I've got to go over the Edge some and see if I can get better hairrers out of her.
Why I told my wife just last night I'm going to need a foamie. She looked at me funny and asked me are you ever satisfied. I told her satisfaction has nothing to do with it, I need a foamie to train on the Edge. She said I thought the Edge was a trainer for the MX.
So I told he,r yeah well I need a trainer for the Edge, Baby steps honey, baby steps.
O you should of seen the look she gave me.
So I didn't even tell her about the MOJO I've been thinking about. Of course it would be cheaper to find a used computer with graphics to run a flight sim.
I've got to remeber baby steps
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