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Originally Posted by pogoed View Post
Trevor, how're you doing man?- I like your jet! As regards retracts, you could always install some but still bungee launch from that sod, or only fit them for fields with short grass or pavement (Ottawa, Burlington, TEMAC etc.) That's how I built that ill-fated Banshee- the wing tanks mounted where the main gear went, for belly landing. Just something to think about...
As my throwing shoulder is falling apart I've been bungeeing the Sabre for a few months now and 18# stretch is more than enough to put it in the air right now. (It's around 7.5 lbs., and I use the black theraband Bob picked up with your info.) So I don't know if this 5 to 1 stretch thing is necessary- to me it's not. The tubing is doubled up and no ramp is used, BTW. That amount of stretch was also more than adequate for the Banshee too, at 8 lbs.
Anyway, have fun Trev!
Hey Tom! Good to hear from you.
I just dont like to add the extra weight. I really dont travel to many other clubs that have short enough grass to even use the gear. Bungee is the way to go. Good to hear you doubled up the bungee.

Originally Posted by ApexAero View Post
Vettster! Ever use JB weld on assembly? (Special areas) The best part for me is I can tell where it is and where to clean up! Plus it a dark color and sharpens seam lines visually when wanted. Doesn't drip.....
I have not... but Im willing to try. Anything has to be better than that messy goop as you mentioned. Like you say. It must leave a very clean edge and fill larger cavities with ease. Have you built many plane with it? My only concern is, that it dries very brittle doesnt it? Is there a perticular type you are useing. You mentioned (special areas) so do you still use 30min poxy for the wing roots. Im concidering useing Hysol on the wing roots this time. any thoughts..

Thanks for the Tip!

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