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I definitely think gps is the way to go regarding scoring. The accuracy compared to manually scoring the way we did in the past is far greater. The fact is many of our races are extremely close. Without the gps we had to rely on inaccurate estimates of the starting time when the glider is at 1000 meters or more. We all try to make the turnpoints, but I know there were complaints in the past when one team felt another team never actually made the turnpoint. Then there was problem of measuring the distance flown on landout. We had to rely on car odometers to measure the distance. Of course there is significant error in doing that. GPS eliminates all of these issues and gives us a log that is 100% accurate.

But, there are issues we must address. The satellite lock issue has been a problem. I think we can minimize this problem with the current loggers by being very diligent about turning on the loggers well before the flight and making sure the green light has been solid for several minutes before launching. I think Domonic had a good suggestion about reducing the penalty when the gps fails to log the entire flight. We need a separate discussion about the penalties.

I would suggest that everyone use their loggers as much as possible even when not flying xc. This will help you learn better how use it and make sure you know when it is logging properly. Its just like any other part of your sailplane, you must be familiar with it and know how to use it.

If you are not sure about the scoring algorithm, you can find it on the SSA website at :

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