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Originally Posted by SydneyFlyer View Post
Hi Mike,

I apologise if you feel my comments are too harsh but how else will we get representatives of Hitec who will actually engage such as yourself to really listen ?
You pay $45 USD for a Hitec minima in the US. Model Engines price gouge EVERYTHING in AU making us pay $60 AU (which is around parity with the US dollar)...Why ? Its not just Hitec gear they gouge on but I am a Hitec loyalist and I now have to source everything from overseas.
The market for RC is getting very competitive, so I ask with respect how Hitec can continue to distribute through such a supplier and push users away. We are sick and tired of being overcharged....Simple.
As for the HPP-22, its great, I have used it many times without fault and find it a great way to keep the firmware of all my RX/Module/Tx's up to date. You wont find a complaint here as to the quality of Hitecs stuff, in fact youll find me pushing their gear at the field. As a point of interest when pushing Hitecs gear I get the same answers...Too expensive, out of stock and some now wont buy ME distributed items from within AU.
Isnt it about time someone (such as yourself) with the ear of someone who can do something, addresses the pricing and supply issues and gets your loyal customers onto the same fair playing field as other brand users. If this is not possible shouldnt someone in Hitec investigate why we continue to pay inflated prices. Its not shipping as the items are shipped to both the US and Australia, its not the dollar either .. with absolute respect its the greedy distributor you have here.
That being said, hoping that minimum offence has been caused, I will say I appreciate the fact you interact with your customers as you do. Its a credit and a real help from time to time. its such a shame model engines wont even talk to you as a customer when end users cant get the answers from their LHS. If I was a manufacturer such as Hitec this would at least raise some interest.Further, one last question, why are some Minimas blue and some grey
Having worked in a number of countries, have learnt much about the costs and pricing.
Read any of the UK & European newsgroups and they all make the same comments. There are many factors, especially overheads, which must be taken into account and which have caused many distributors and local hobby shops to close over the past few years in both Australia & NZ. (have yet to see a wealthy LHS owner)., e.g.
1. Advertised prices seen in USA magazines/webpages do not include all charges and taxes. In Australia & New Zealand the full price must be quoted, which includes all taxes - which are also substantially higher than those in USA
2. USA can buy in much larger quantities and get better bulk discounts ex factory.
3. Shipping to USA is much cheaper than shipping to at least NZ to which airfreight is very little dearer than seafreight and many weeks faster.
4. The overheads of managing businesses in Australia & New Zealand are greater with ever increasing government compliance costs, especially the Fair Trading Act and Consumer guarantees act (under which private imports are not covered). Over generous maternity & paternity leave to be provided for. Four/five weeks annual leave and more.

Little wonder there is lobbying in both our countries, especially by the major retail organisations, for customs to start applying the same GST, MAF & Doc charges to all imports including "gifts" as so much is now bought offshore via internet to get around at least the local GST (15% here) and there is more.

Alan T.
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