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This is Lucien, and I own Innov8tive Designs, the exclusive US Distributor of Cobra products. I was planning on running some constant current tests on BEC circuits in the Cobra ESC's to see how much power they actually could produce before folding back, and how warm the BEC Circuit gets at different current loads such as 3 amps, 4 amps, 5 amps and 6 amps. I can post that information later once I perform the tests.

Getting to your specific issue, if you have a system that is running enough stuff to put a continuous 4 amp or larger load on a system, you should really be running a seperate battery pack to power everything. The BEC circuits in the speed controllers are designed to power typical set-ups such as an airplane with 4-5 servos or a helicopter with 4 servos and a gyro. One you start getting up to out of the ordinary type of set-ups, you need to re-consider the power requirements for BEC Circuits.

The other thing that causes concern is the new Digital Servos that everyone is using these days. People think that it is wonderful that they get twice the torque or twice the speed, but this extra power does not come for free! Some of the larger hi-torque digital servos can pull as much as 3 amps of current each, so you can have current surges of 9-10 amps or more if 3 or 4 servos all start moving together at the same time.

As I said, I will actually run some tests on a sample ESC and see how it does.

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