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Originally Posted by DismayingObservation View Post
There's surprisingly little throw on the low rates and the chatter seems to be a normal part of the operation.

I relocated the clevises to the outsides of the rudder and elevator. In the case of the Sky Ranger, the pushrod was binding where it exited the fuselage. It had so little throw that it wouldn't steer at all.
actually in my brief experience, servo chatter could lead to potential servo failure down the road.

when i first got the plane, there seems to be almost no servo chatter after control stick return to center.

after awhile, the rudder servo develop chatter, to the point where chatter doesn't stop even after control stick return to neutral position.

after this, the crashes started due to losing rudder control. What happened was that after couple min of rudder movement, the servo will slow down until it's stuck. at this point, the pcb is burning hot.

if i wait until the pcb cools down, then i get another couple min of rudder control until the servo seized up again.

i cut couple of holes on the canopy cover plastic in attempt to cool the pcb better during flight. this doesn't seem to have any effect.

after this, i replaced the pcb.

i guess the quality of the electronic is suspect. cox's 90 days warranty only apply to out of the box defects.
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