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You might be right about keeping the speed up while flying, maybe that is why the 11x8 seems to be better. I have been told that I fly a little too fast anyway. Ideally, I should learn to fly it using the 12x6 because the speed seems more appropriate to the size of the plane.


I ran the numbers through pcalc and I was surprised by how little power (by comparison) you are able to get by. For the 3014/22, on 3S and a 13x6.5 prop, the amp draw is in the 37-39 amp range and the power being consumed in the 380-400 watt range. The motor has a Kv of about 890 which a bit different from the 820 of the Torque motor or the 800 of the Hacker. What really surprised me was the pitch speed of only 45 mph. In the air, it might unload a little but my guess that your speed is no more than 50 mph. In contrast, the Hacker on a 12x6 on 4S is closer to 500 watts, 43 amps and a pitch speed of about 54 mph. And to me, when flying the plane, it seemed slow (see comment about flying a little too fast...).

Intersting information. I might take out the larger props once again and give them a try this weekend.

Thanks for the info,

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