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Hello Hubb,

Thanks for the reply. I decided to get the plane after I saw you fly it at the Torks event earlier this summer. I do not recall seeing a large gap between the cowl and the spinner so I am assuming that you are running the recommended Torque motor or an earlier Hacker.

I did try to fly mine on 3S. In the process I tried a 12x10, 13x8 and 13x10 prop. I think that I liked the 13x10 prop best, but to get the power I neded the current was pretty high, in the upper 40's which is a bit much for the motor. I am surprised to see that you could get away with a 13x6.5. Maybe I need to try it again. Do you have any idea of how many watts you are getting with your set-up. Prop RMP data would be very useful.

I believe that my CG is pretty close to where it should be, the plane will hold a 45 degree inverted upline with little or no elevator input and the plane can hold a vertical dive (no power) with no input. My throws are pretty modest, about +7/-6 degrees on the ailerons and about +8/-9 degrees on the elevator. I did not measure the rudder, it is pretty much as much as I can get. I do not use much expo, about 15%.

I am just getting started in pattern so I cannot claim to know how to trim a plane properly; even so, this plane flies quite well. I am surprised that it has not been more popular; very little written about it.


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