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The answer to your question is yes, conditionally. That condition mainly being that the larger motor has more net torque available. First off, I would describe it as a system response rather than a motor response. The combined response of the motor and prop is dictated both by the available torque and the system's resistance to angular acceleration. The resistance to angular acceleration has three main components; the prop's profile drag, the prop MOI, and the motor bell MOI. On the MOI side, the prop's MOI is significantly larger than the motor bell's; so the larger motor and small prop combined MOI is likely smaller than the smaller motor and larger prop MOI. Add in the smaller profile drag of the smaller prop and the assumed higher torque of the larger motor, and your statement holds up.


Originally Posted by Justin Stuart View Post
Do different motors have different response rates? Seems to me that a very large motor swinging a very small low pitch prop could respond much faster than a small motor swinging a large prop.
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