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Originally Posted by TooSLow2Care View Post

your motor and prop should be plenty to get you flying around. i don't think that setup will go vertical, but theoretically with that size battery, your airframe should be nice and light.

you should be able to get away with a larger battery on the swift. at least a 1300mAh 3S if not larger. i've read a bit about cramming a 2200mAh 3S into these.

please, someone else chime in about battery size.

flight duration really interests me with these wings.

Ta mi caraid,

& Firepower - I live on humor. I spend my days split between a laboratory designing and building medical centrifuges and flying helicopters... so theory and application are huge in my book, but humor is bigger!!! probably one of most fun things to to in the helis is when my passengers ask how long i've been flying... "this is my first day! how am i doing?!" that gets everyone laughing an comfortable. we take a lot of first time flyers so there's a bit f nerves there, but i digress. you take all the shots you like, i don't get offended.

You were mentioning flight duration and larger LiPos. I still have the Turnigy 2730/3000 on mine and was finding the 1000mah LiPos did not last long at all and lacked power. So I went to a 1300mah and 1500mah and they worked quite well. I really need to put my slower motor on like the Turnigy 2730/1700 and a larger prop and maybe the 1000mah will do if I did not have on it a camera, Vee antenna, video transmitter and a FY-20 stabilizer.

Lately I have been putting on a small 2200mah LiPo which has to go back a lot further than the hole I have for the LiPo underneath to get the C of G right. I just tape it on to the bottom of the wing and this big bulge of a LiPo hangs down below. It is a bit of a rough landing on the 2200mah LiPo but so far no damage.

But I think you were asking how long would a 2200mah LiPo go for. I have never timed mine but it is quite a while. It naturally depends on what the motor etc is but someone else may comment that has tried it.
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