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Extreme Flight Vanquish MK II - 48" version - A couple of questions

Hello all,

Earlier this summer I bought one of these little planes with the intent of flying it at my local school yard when I did not have the time to make out to the field. Now that I have flown it, I have come to realize that it is probably a little too big and fast for the school yard; however, it is a terrific flying plane. I am surprised to see that very little has been written about the MK II. At any rate, tis is the set-up that I am currently using:

Motor: Hacker A30-14L (newer version with the cooling fan)
Prop : APC 11x7, 11x8 and 12x6 (there will be a question regarding the prop)
ESC : Castle ICE 50, the 8S version
Battery: Hyperion G3 4S1P 2500 mah

The AUW is of 52 oz which is a little heavier that what the specs call for; however, the plane does fly quite well. Out of the props that I have tried, the 11x8 gives the best power and vertical performace. However, the plane can be pretty fast for its size. With the 12x6, the speed is quite a bit less but very constant: the plane does not speed up signifcantly on the down lines (I am not using any brake). However, the plane could use a little more power on the verticals. I am currently flying the intermediate sequence and the plane struggles to make a nice crips corner off the vertical upline on the square loop. Since the recommended Torque motor has a slightly higher KV I was wondering if it would make a little more power than the Hacker when spinning the 12x6 prop. Any thoughts?

I have also noticed that the plane has a tendency to pull to the left on the uplines, so I increased the right thrust slightly. The pull I believe is more noticeable with the 12x6 prop. This change seems to have helped. Has this been a common issue?

And finally, I have noticed that the plane will pitch up while flying inverted if I go heavy with the rudder correction. Is there a way to trim this behavior away?

All of these I consider to be minor issues and I really like this little plane.


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