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Originally Posted by spencer6891 View Post
I just painted a Tiger Moth 400 with Krylon shortcuts silver metallic. I'm planning on doing some float flying but I'm wondering if I should give it an overcoat of something that will make it a little more waterproof (assuming the Krylon isn't). Would prefer foam safe rattle can. Any suggestions?
I don't think you really have to do anything, since you've already painted it.
You can buy a spray can of acryllic clear.... but that's going to add some weight.

We need Pat to come in here and give the final verdict. He does a LOT of float flying. ..... OK, here's a picture of my Super Moth. My design.... Wes's build. He cut out every one of those little red squares because I wanted checkerboard and we couldn't find any. I can't keep the rudder or the elevator on it ... they blow off at half throttle! Wings are custom solid foam airfoil with wood stringers inside. No struts needed. I usually pull the landing gear out to fly it. Too much drag... hand launch and so far every landing has been a flat spin into tall weeds.... no damage! Rudder, vertical stab/elevator stab and elevators are made of solid balsa. I can't figure out where my clear bubble canopy is... (?) I'll have to get another one.

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