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Originally Posted by slopeiron View Post
Hmmm.. Well, now that I see the question that way, it looks like I may have misunderstood the Bill's original post. The way I read it was that there is already a "rebels" close by and they are already making fat fuses, so we should not be using any of those things in the name for our group. I guess that is the bad thing about the internet, things don't always come out right or don't always get read right. In any case, apologies to Bill for the misinterpretation. I'll go back and delete my post.


Yeah, ... you had my post really, really wrong, ... but, ... No worries here!

About the "Fat Fuses", ... I was just pointing out the fact that by naming a club and having the phrase "Fat Fuse" in the name, ... would lead to people thinking the club builds nothing but monster planes with Fat Fuses. It had nothing to do with what I or anyone else builds, ... in fact, ... My biggest wish, is that more and more people start building them bigger and WAY more detailed, ...

As far as Rebels, ... Yes I agree that everyone should be a Rebel, ... but you have a chance to come up with something unique and special to your site, .... why strap a used name on it(?), ... that's all. I flew the Bluff and Lanada Bay when I was in my teens/early 20's and To me, ... (just my opinion) I think you guy's could come up with something a lot better than rebels and could fit the site much better, ... really, ... what are you rebelling about, ... beautiful sunsets and coastal views, or natural air conditioner that you fly into?

Certainly you guy's can name it anything you choose, ... It's a free country, ... well for the moment it is.

BTW, ... I got your PM, ... Thank You.

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