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The Dear Old Moth!

Actually my Moth isn't very old, it just looks that way. It's had way more than it's share of "incidents". I'd gladly post a picture of the dear, but it would really show up worse than the World Trade Center site. I mean bad!

I've replaced and glued the motor mount stick 'til you wouldn't recognize it. Now have a Rube Goldberg mount having to use two pins made from paper clips. Last Saturday a fast sport model flew through the upper wing and shredded it into several pieces. Journey rigged new struts. A bandaid marks the spot, enscribed "Dick did it!"

I estimate I've used somewhere in the vicinity of 2 1/2 gallons of epoxy and about quart of gold CA to keep it all together. One of the spidery little wheels broke near the hub and put on so much epoxy for this repair that I had to use a bunch of lead weights to make the wheel balance. Used wheel balancing lead from what I believe was a 1939 Pontiac Chief. (A six.)

The cowling has been split in so many places and epoxyed into one piece so much that it resembles some museum piece of crazed crystal.

So the question is, does it still fly? This morning my pretty little yellow Moth did all kinds of didos around my nearby park. Soared high and then did a lot of scale like circles right before my delighted eyes. Folks, we have us a bird for the ages!

Like a Timex watch. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking!
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