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Originally Posted by 78dave View Post
Come on folks, lets talk about the model. What it does, what it does not do, the good the bad, but if you do not have one, have not flown one and otherwise know nothing about THIS plane, then be respectful of those that want to talk about the Cox Sky Cruiser.
Amen, Doctor.

Getting back on topic and referencing the above post, I was surprised that the batteries were so expensive. I bought a second pack for the Cox Sky Ranger I reviewed and it was the same price. Not sure how the Nine Eagles versions would match up price-wise.

As far as this being a toy, I respectfully disagree. I've never seen a micro flyer from any major hobby distributor that wasn't packing proprietary electronics. If it's wearing a hobby brand, is controlled with a radio and not an IR beam and is supported with parts available from a hobby shop, it's hobby grade IMO. I have an E-flite Blade mSR fixed-pitch heli and a Heli-Max Axe Micro coaxial. Both are designed around the manufacturer's own onboard electronics. There's no real standard with the possible exception of Plantraco.

I should also point out that this model is supported by Hobbico's fabulous customer service. I had a problem with the servo gears on the receiver brick on the Sky Ranger. They're not available as service parts. I called Hobbico, asked if they might have some gears on hand from a returned brick...and they mailed me an entire brick, brand new in the wrapper. It's unlikely that a toy would be as well supported.

Just for fun, I'd like to point out that the company I work for is headed by a ranked amateur tennis player with a sense of humor. He's also a golfer. He used to playfully refer to me as a "big kid" playing with my "toy airplanes." One day, I told him that his pastimes involved hitting balls with sticks and if those weren't playground activities, I didn't know what were.

He doesn't tease me about the planes anymore.
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