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Originally Posted by clearprop88 View Post
Any suggestions for TX setup?

I started with the Wow 4f200 settings, but I think I have over time done a tweak or two. Not sure exactly, but I think it's got to boil down to personal preference eventually anyway.

Is anyone using foam blades? I like to use foam blades on a new heli. so that if I hit anything the blades explode instead of the heli.
I have incidentally ended up with foam blades on two different helis and had trouble with balancing and tracking both. YMMV. Personally, on the 4f200, I think those cheapo plastic blades from Ebay for the Trex 250 are about the best deal in town, and they fly just like I like it -- crisp.

As to going to two blades... well, I am certainly guilty of a lot of 'spearmintin' and swappin' various stuff myself, so who am I to say? I will say that the sole reason that I got the 4f200 was the three blade head, and that with the right stabilization, the stock motor and stock tail make this a heckofa performer. I have a hop-up motor I got somewhere for it, but I've never been tempted to even take it out of the bag -- this thing SCOOTS, in all directions you can point it in.
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