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I have the Evader and love the way it flies. I agree with the fan access, but once together I felt no need to change power systems. The Evader is one planes that actually performs just as described. So I imagine that the F-16 really does perform well also.

If they could just get rid of the cheater then I would love these even more.
K9000, Apex ... FWIW, Kuczy demonstrates in his post above how you can nicely express your sentiments.

Originally Posted by K9000wner View Post
how a bout a pic of the underside
looks like a HUGE CHEATER hole to me
Uh, there are several photos in the review that show it. No conspiracy there!

Originally Posted by ApexAero View Post
The evader is a led sled for the size, the fuse&mold work is so cheesy they have to bondo it up to take paint. Makes me thinks this one's a turd also.
Too bad the nips don't use epoxy.
NOT a very PC way of expressing your sentiments IMO. You "think" it is a turd but I am guessing you have not even seen one fly in person or even seen one with your own eyes? Oh, and BTW, it is "lead sled".

Originally Posted by Double E View Post
I own and fly both the Evader and the F-16. The Evader is a bit quicker than the F-16 but the F-16 includes a rudder. These planes may be a little on the heavy side but they are a huge improvement over the typical foamy. My Evader with Wicked motor easily hits 110 mph and that is pretty quick for this size plane. I think Electrifly have hit a home run with both of these birds.
Another polite post that nicely expresses ones opinion. Manners matter.
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