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Originally Posted by krefi View Post
A very thorough and well-written article. I have the belt-drive version of this, and my experience hasn't been as good. Between the number of parts that needed to be replaced out of the box and additional components that wore quickly and needed replacing after just a few flights, I gotta say I wouldn't recommend it to others.
Whereas I would unreservedly recommend it! I'm happy to get a couple of mainshafts for not much more than a buck, and replace them after even the smallest crash. I can't think of any clone parts that really wear out more quickly than Align originals - possibly OWB's if you're using an ESC with a fierce governor mode - but the clone parts would have to wear out several times quicker to make it more economical to use Align ones. I really like my Mini Titan, but the plastic links and tail linkage wear just as quickly as the same parts on my HK 450 Pro, and the 450 Pro just flies better than the MT - it's so much more agile. I've broken MT main frames in crashes, but have yet to break a 450 Pro frame. The review that started this thread puzzled me though - the kit has been out for ages, with many threads associated with it and a huge fund of knowledge on all the forums - it's as if the O.P. is doing a dry run for a web site or a journalistic career. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, and good luck to them in either case!
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