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Look, knock off the Blade bashing, okay? This is NOT a thread for you to slobber all over your Trex clones or whatever and slam the B450.

And, for what it's worth, I learned on a .30 sized glow plastic heli (Shuttle ZX) with wood blades and plain old airplane non-metal gear servos. Futaba S148s, if I remember right. I bashed the heck out of that thing and never stripped a servo and the airframe generally always came out fine. Of course, the blades needed replacing, but that happens with EVERY heli almost every time in any decent crash/tip over.

It wasn't RTF out of the box because either he or someone else jacked it up. Your hint was "it didn't have a manual with those settings". Wrong...there are beginner and intermediate/advanced settings for several TXs, especially the DX6i that comes in the RTF kit, in the manual or the included amended flyer for the DX7/DX8. Mine was definitely RTF enough to hover and do basic forward flight. It's only when I closely looked at a symmetrical 3D pitch curve that I noticed an issue, which is easily fixed, as I've already stated. My tail/gyro/servo combo was rock solid from the first flight on, too.
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