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I'm not loving my B450 as I've picked up a serious side-to-side vibration in the vertical tail fin. I haven't crashed it or done ANYTHING to it since setting it up and initially flying it. Mechanical issue I need to sort out.

Also, I read about a problem (because I experienced it myself and was researching) where the swashplate rams into the anti-rotation pins on the bottom of the head when at full negative pitch. Remember, this heli is opposite, so the swashplate moves UP for negative pitch. So, I'm now limited to -8 degrees at the top end and my cyclic obviously binds with any movement at that point. BAD design. There's a big thread about it on another forum and Mikel, the DESIGNER, came in and posted that it's "normal" and it was all of us with "bad flying techniques" and that we should never "experience that condition in flight". Really? -10 degrees with no cyclic binding is asking too much? Not even -8 degrees, which is unacceptable anyway? He also whined that "lots of other helis" have this problem. Uh yeah...never ran into it before, myself... Others posted the same thing and asked for specific heli examples. Not surprisingly, he just up and disappeared from the thread. Go figure...

I could fix this right now, easily, if the stupid head didn't have so many NON-adjustable links. I can move the range of swash pitch movement "down" away from the pins, but the mixing and bell/hiller arms won't be parallel at zero degrees/half stick, so I'll need to find/make some custom links. Then I'll be able to get that extra couple degrees of negative pitch for a symmetrical 3D setup since I have 13.5 on the top end for positive pitch. BUT... I shouldn't have to do this with an out-of-the-box BNF heli, especially seeing as how this is a rather major setup change and the values in the manual would be way off...
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